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Mila Silver is a Swedish jewelry brand designing silver jewelry
in timeless Scandinavian design.

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Swedish Jewellery Design

Mila Silver offers a unique range of silver jewellery in Swedish design with focus on natural materials and timless design.
We want our jewellery to be worn and loved through all stages of life. We design and buy high quality Sterling silver jewellery that will last and feel up to date season after season regardless of current trends.
Silver is a renewable metal and can be melt down and reused which is an importent argument for us to design new pieces of silver jewellery. All our jewellery can be mixed and matched to create a personal and unique look.

We have customers from all around the world.
You have 30 days right to return you jewellery and you pay your order in a secure way through Paypal. 
Please contact us for any questions. 

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